Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Monday, 27 July 2009

Our First interview

NOW is the time to spread the word of RUBBISH. From here we can push on to become Rafa models.
Once they see us in the new Jerseys they will not only sign us up but also base their next seasons' collection on the Rubbish strip and pay us a royalty.
Also here is an actual link to the site that wants to interview Alex/us:

We all also need to buy one of these. Or at least one of us does, so it can become the official Rubbish support vehicle/broom wagon:

Team Rubbish goes Global


I have been approached by someone who wants to do an interview with me on Team Rubbish and the Shoreditch Surf Club.

Its for lsnglobal.com ... If we do nothing else this year, lets try and get a photo of all of us in our jumpers, being rubbish on some ridiculous global lifestyle site.

Live Rubbish
i just attempted to comment on my own post which was essentially a rant about how impossible all this shit is to a ludite like me , and of course it dissapeared into the fucking ether, after asking me a load of nonsense questions using made up computer words that don't actually exist.

is this 'blogging'

god this is annoying and makes me feel like a grandad that can't operate the toaster.